Academy Professional Mechanical Bathroom Scale

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The robust Academy Professional Mechanical Bathroom Scale from Salter is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a traditional retro-inspired design. Accurate and reliable, this mechanical scale features a long 7.5-inch dial, which sits inside a large dial display for easy and precise reading (in kg or st). An all-time favourite for those who love simplicity, the doctor’s style academy professional scale is durable with a generously-sized, non-slip platform that easily accommodates up to size 12 feet, leaving enough room view the dial. Simple and easy to use, you can get your weight reading at a glance without the hassle of inserting batteries (this scale is fully mechanical and battery free!). This reliable timeless classic is a bathroom must-have for simple and accurate weight readings. With a 15-year guarantee, the Salter Academy Professional Bathroom Scale is built to last.

  • Retro doctor’s scale design
  • Designed with max capacity (150kg/23st)
  • Easy-to-read large dial so you can read measurements quickly (kg or st)
  • Large platform with generous foot room
  • Textured non-slip surface
46.50 (cm)
34.00 (cm)
11.80 (cm)