Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BPA-9201-GB

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Need a quick and easy way to measure your blood pressure at home? The Salter Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor will enable you to conveniently and accurately monitor your stay in control of your own health by keeping an eye on your blood pressure. With the ability to store up to 60 readings for 2 users and a guest and a simple one-button operation, this handy device is perfect those who have never used a blood pressure monitor at home. This monitor measures the systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate wherever you are. This device has a built-in hypertension indicator based on the World Health Organisation guidelines, which will provide valuable insights into the health of your circulatory system. The Salter Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is also able to detect irregular heartbeat and arrhythmia.

  • 60 memories for two users and a guest
  • World Health Organisation Hypertension indicator
  • Irregular heart-beat detection - Arrhythmia detection
  • Simple one button measurement
  • Measures Systolic & Diastolic Pressure, and Pulse Rate
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