7th Sep 2021

Best Bathroom Scales for 2021

Bathroom scales are an essential tool when it comes to keeping track of your fitness and overall health. With exercise increasingly playing an important part in our lives, health, and wellbeing, many have had a keen interest in accurately tracking their body weight and composition as part of their fitness journey. There are currently a variety of different types of bathroom scales available that are designed to suit different needs. Salter has a range of bathroom scales to choose from, including mechanical bathroom scales, digital bathroom scales, analyser scales and Bluetooth bathroom scales. And don’t forget, all Salter Bathroom Scales come with a 15-year guarantee, so you know you can depend on them for many years to come.

There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple, and our range of Mechanical Scales do just that. They are fuss-free, dependable, and accurately display your weight measurement, with easy to read dial displays.

The Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Scale is one of our bestsellers. It has a high capacity, weighing up to 150KG, and a textured vinyl mat to help prevent slips. However, if you are looking for something more compact, the Salter Magnified Display Mechanical Bathroom Scale, is just the thing for you. Thanks to the magnifying display it is still easy to read, even on early mornings, with a fine resolution for higher accuracy.

Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scale Magnified Display Mechanical Bathroom Scale Academy Doctor Style Bathroom Scale

Digital Bathroom Scales provide accurate weight measurements quickly and simply. Salter offers a range of styles and colours to choose from, making it easy to find one to match your bathroom décor. Whether you want to make a statement or are looking for something subtle, Salter’s scales will always provide a modern and sleek finish to any home. You can also easily switch between metric and imperial measurements depending on your preference with all of our Digital Bathroom Scales.

Splash Electronic Bathroom Scale Rose Gold Glitter Digital Bathroom Scale Ghost Digital Bathroom Scale Scale

Looking to reduce waste in your home? We have designed a range of products that are kinder to the environment in addition to being practical and stylish. The Salter Eco Rechargeable Bathroom Scale uses a lifetime rechargeable battery that is charged with a USB cable. Just ninety minutes of charging will provide up to 3 months of use. The Salter Eco Power Bathroom Scale is reliable and ready to go whenever you want to weigh-in. Instead of batteries, this scale uses step-on self-generated power. To get started, press the button in the centre of the scale, and within seconds, you will have generated the power needed to switch it on.

Eco Power Bathroom Scale Eco Rechargeable Bathroom Scale Bamboo Bathroom Scale

If you want to go beyond one weight reading and look into the details of your body composition Analyser Bathroom Scales are what you need. These scales will tell you what you are made of, providing you with measurements for weight, body fat, total body water, BMI and muscle mass. The information will give you a more accurate reading of your overall health and fitness. We have a range of analyser scales designed to provide detailed measurements, that you can then use to create a tailored fitness plan. Making it easier to achieve your goals.

Our Dashboard Analyser Scale makes it easier than ever to see all the information an analyser scale can provide. Bodyweight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, BMI and muscle mass are all displayed simultaneously across the five platform screens.

The Salter Health Indicator Scale makes monitoring your body's wellbeing simple. Step on the platform for quick and accurate measurements for your body weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, BMI, BMR and muscle mass. The handy traffic light system simplifies figuring out what the numbers mean, so you can focus on creating a fitness plan appropriate for your body.

The Salter Ultra Slim Glass Analyser Body Fat Scale is a firm favourite to help keep track of the different elements of your body composition through your fitness journey.

Dashboard Analyser Scale Health Indicator Analyser Scale Ultra Slim Glass Analyser Body Fat Scales 

You may be asking, but how do Body Analyser Scales work? Body Analyser Scales use BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) technology which passes a tiny electrical impulse through the body to determine fat from lean tissue. The electrical impulse cannot be felt and is perfectly safe. Contact with the body is made via stainless steel pads on the platform of the scale. This method simultaneously calculates your; weight, body fat, total body water, BMI and muscle mass, giving you a more accurate reading of your overall health and fitness.

If you are someone who likes to keep all of your information in the palm of your hand, a set of Smart Bathroom Scales are suitable for tech-savvy types. Our Salter Curve Smart Bluetooth Analyser Scales to connect to your smartphone. This makes it super simple to you can track your progress over time, with personalised insights and clear charts. Despite being connected to your smartphone, the details of your body composition are still completely private unless of course, you choose to share them.

Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Scale - Black Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Scale White Mibody Bluetooth Digital Analyser Scale 

So, if you’re looking to create a custom fitness routine that caters to your specific body type, Salter has the best bathroom scales to help you get started. Begin with the basics and keep track of your body weight and body composition. Once you have your essential measurements, you'll be able to adjust your routine accordingly.