Family Non-Stick Health Grill, Grill and Griddle in One

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Perfect for family meals and dinner parties, this Family Health Grill from Salter cooks delicious, healthier food for all to enjoy. Whether creating a tasty breakfast or a nutritious dinner, this 2000 W grill is ideal for any home. It boasts both a griddle and flat top grilling plate in one, as well a convenient warming tray to keep food hot and ready to serve at the table. With a non-stick coating and a removable drip tray to collect oil and fat, this health grill is wonderfully user friendly.

  • Perfect for cooking healthy, delicious meals for breakfast or at dinner parties, this Salter Family Health Grill is ideal for any home.
  • Boasting a griddle and grill top, the Salter grill will effortlessly prepare eggs, tasty pancakes, sausages, vegetables and much more.
  • Great for gathering the family round the table, this health grill has a convenient warming tray to keep food heated-up, ready to serve.
  • Wonderful for creating healthier, tasty meals, this family grill features a removable drip tray to collect the excess oils and fats.
  • The grill has a fantastic non-stick coating for easy cleaning and boasts a detachable temperature control for serving at the table.
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