Heston Blumenthal Precision Dual Platform Digital Kitchen Scales

Heston Blumenthal Precision
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Some recipes require greater accuracy for the best results, which is why the Heston Blumenthal Dual Platform Precision Digital Kitchen Scales by Salter feature an ultimate precision platform. The larger platform can weigh up to 10kg, whilst the smaller platform can weigh up to 200g with 0.1g precision. The stainless-steel platforms not only offer a contemporary look, but are also hygienic and easy to clean. The ‘Add & Weigh’ feature makes it easy to measure ingredients in the same bowl, so you can save time doing the washing up. There’s no need to spend time converting recipes, as you can conveniently switch between metric and imperial measurements at the touch of a button. Not just for weighing dry ingredients, these digital kitchen scales have an Aquatronic function for measuring liquids in ml or fl.oz. Weigh your ingredients with total confidence with these innovative kitchen scales.

  • Large high capacity platform (10kg) measures in 1g increments / Ultimate precision platform (200g) measures in 0.1g increments
  • Add & weigh function
  • Aquatronic feature
  • Stainless steel platforms
  • Storage case
17.50 (cm)
2.00 (cm)
26.00 (cm)