Digital Kitchen Scales

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Digital Kitchen Scales

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a budding home cook, digital kitchen scales are an essential kitchen accessory. Crafted to suit any home, we have a huge variety of digital food scales available in multiple colours, designs and specifications. From pocket-sized precision scales to kitchen scales with bowls, it couldn’t be simpler to choose one that suits your décor the best.


Designed to be compact, our kitchen scales display weight readings in metric and imperial units – perfect when you need precise measurements for tasty treats. Most of our electronic kitchen scales feature the handy Aquatronic™ function, allowing you to accurately measure liquids in millilitres or fluid ounces as part of your recipes. For the environmentally conscious, some of our digital kitchen scales are featured in our Eco Range with options to choose a model which is fully rechargeable via USB.


For exceptionally precise recipes, our Heston Blumenthal Scales allow you to weigh even the smallest of ingredients, or if you prefer things more traditional, look for our mechanical kitchen scales, complete with large, easy to read dials and pointing needles.