Magnified Display Mechanical Bathroom Scales

484 WHKR
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Compact design and practicality come together in the Salter Magnified Display Mechanical Bathroom Scales. The dial comes with a nifty magnifying lens, so despite its petite size, it’s easy to read from a distance and with a fine resolution for higher accuracy, you’ll get your weight reading down to the detail in either Stones or Kilograms. These clever bathroom scales are designed to squeeze into the smallest spaces, without sacrificing the functionality of larger weighing scales. And the comfortable, cushioned mat is an inviting little extra just for tired feet.

  • Dial features magnifying lens for easy reading -size: 12.5cm diameter
  • Fine resolution scale for higher accuracy
  • Cushioned mat for comfort
  • Easy to read dial
  • View weight in Stones and Kilograms
25.00 (cm)
5.00 (cm)
25.00 (cm)