Ultra Slim Glass Analyser Scale, Silver

9158 SV3R
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The Salter Ultra Slim Glass Analyser Scale provides you with more than one simple weight measurement. This scale measures your BMI as well as your body fat and body water percentages in addition to your body weight, to give you a more detailed understanding of your overall health and fitness. Data can be stored for up to 8 users, so you can get your family and friends involved in your fitness journey as well. To ensure results that are specific to your body, this scale also includes athlete mode.

  • Measures weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage and Body Mass Index
  • 8 user memory
  • Athlete mode
  • Ultra slim platform - sleek contemporary design, slimline for easy storage
  • Easy to read display
30.50 (cm)
3.00 (cm)
30.50 (cm)