XL Digital Hot Air Fryer

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Enjoy tasty fried treats without the guilt or hassle with this pioneering air fryer from Salter. Featuring a non-stick cooking basket for easy cleaning, the unit cooks using little or no oil by quickly circulating air temperatures of up to 200° around the food, delivering low-fat versions of favourites such as chips in no time at all. The appliance has a simple LED display with 30 or 60 minute timers for effortless operation, while its 4.5 L capacity makes it perfect for feeding entire families.

  • A healthy alternative to deep frying, this versatile Salter air fryer lets you cook all your favourite foods using little or no oil.
  • The innovative oven unit rapidly circulates hot air around the frying chamber for quick and thorough cooking results every time.
  • Ready to use in just five minutes, its generous 4.5 L cooking basket allows you to make tasty low-fat treats for the entire family.
  • The powerful 1500 W unit features stylish silver highlights and has a user-friendly LED display for straightforward operation.
  • With over 250 years of British design and innovation, Salter continue to make great products to enhance your everyday lifestyle.